Cerydwynn’s Call.

Cerrydwynn’s call

As I step without this cloaking shell and

dance into the dark

Dark Maiden wraps me in her warm embrace

I’m cloaked in mystery

Where am I, where do I go? I know not where this

journey takes me

I’ve been to Briton in the past and danced on

the isle of Eire

I’ve ridden plains alive and unchanged by time,

in bloody warrior’s frenzy

I’ve hailed Robyn and the Maiden, weeping, even

as I persecuted them

I’ve been trampled, raped and skinned alive, left

bleeding in the dust

Stormed cities in a red blood lust, gathering tribute

for my Ceasers

I’ve swung the labrys against Saxon foes along

the side of Arthur

Elsewhere I’ve wielded claid-he-mor against

incomers from distant shores

I’ve seen Paul’s church come and grow, turning mysteries

To lies ‘gainst those who wore the woad

I’ve seen empires arise to fall, lives and cultures

blown away on fates wind

In forested glades have I danced skyclad, sweat flowing

‘neath silvered waxing moon

Into the Cauldron to return again, new life cycles

Of the Lady Cerridwen

Tens of centuries have I travelled, followed red

Threads until unravelled

Atlantis sank beneath the waves, overburdened by

Flowery conceit

Fled through the times of inquisition, bent and broke

Burnt to submission

Is this a dream, this journey I take? Or is

It just A re-awakening…

banfiadh copyright 1997

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