Death came calling

Death Came Calling


A shadow touched me quietly

In the twilight of the day

Turning slow with wary eye

I stopped along the way

A lady cloaked in twilight’s fog

Wreathed in feathered gray

Gracefully she touched my spirit

Exposing wounds to my dismay

Through the window of my eyes

She looked through and deep within

“We’ve walked a million miles, love

As you’ve lived a hundred lives.

Danced across the eons

And parted now and then”


She pulled me close aside her

As remembered I did then

You were there when I awakened

In past ages beyond ken’

Beyond the turning cycles

We’ve watched the burning stars

I’ve watched a million sunsets

With dark lady of my heart


She’s there when one awakens

After living hopes and tears

Guides the passage of spirit’s freed

At cessation of all fears

She guides the gates of passages

Into the summer lands

Reflected in wild valkryie’s fair

Welcoming Valhalla’s bands

She holds the sacred cauldron

Through which all life renews

Gently the soul’s passing

When she receives her due

Cry Cerydwynn, the Morrigan

Hecate and Kali true

Worn a thousand names and faces

She’s the Queen of heaven too


I looked in her, my lover’s eyes

Self worn tired and to the bone

Yet knew that though I long for peace

It wasn’t time for me to go

Instead in conversation

Within each other’s arms we lay

She eased my burning loneliness

Teased with her charms in play

She’s my lady, my dear Goddess

Creation born of blood

Everything returns to her

In deaths ever running flood

But though she came to visit

And though she couldn’t stay

I’m glad she came a calling

On my lonely heart that day.



Banfiadh copyright 2005




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