Memories long dismaying

Sometimes they seek to slay me

Ill hunt down who betrays me

Their blindness won’t delay me


Within my mind there are times

When all goes still and dark

Devour all those fine illusions

While the universe goes stark


Existing in repressed fear

Denying self what isn’t seen

If you simply ceased to breathe

You might have never been


The edifice of tissue truth

With which you spew in reason

Created catastrophe of denial

Your truth is freedom’s treason


With razor knives within the eyes

Pierce and shred your fragile skin

To strip away your hallowed lies

And devour the rot within


Thousands of years of blackened tears

Bound deep within your hearts

No one left to save you now

And soon the burning starts


You feast upon the wreckage

Of world your lies have made

Dragged down life relentlessly

With devils pact you’ve made


The redemption of your life

Is paid in love of others blood

Return upon your ignorance

In crimson cleansing flood


Apathetic and pathetic

Your life of aiming low

Don’t you fucking realize

Your just ponies in a show


You wander round within the lines

Pretending to be free

In truth your only wearing out

The skin upon your knees


The crime your casting

With lasting apathy

Your condemning everyone

To be nothing more than thee.


Banfiadh copyright 2008

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