What is my name?

What is my Name

I am the Lion, who rules the plains.

I am the Trees who drink of the rain

I am the Hunter, who loves the chase

I am the Living, What is my name?

I am The Bear, who hides in the glen

I am the Hawk who rides the winds

I am the Grass, strong in my bending

I am the Lover, capricious at whim

I am the Scorned, what is my name?

I am The Fox, safe in its den

I am the Wolf, who laughs at the rain

I am the Leaf, floating free on the wind

I am the Warrior, who revels in blood

I am the Blade, what is my name?

I am The Raven, who lives off the dead

I am the Ox, strong and stubborn

I am the Flower, that follows the sun

I am the Father that raises my kin

I am the Present, what is my name?

I am The Lizard, loafing in the sun

I am that which is, and is not

I am the shadow, dancing in the light

I am the light which pierces the dark

I am the essence, what is my Name?

I am the Life, That was thrown away

I am all that which has accepted

I am the accepted, who is loved

I am the love, that stings without pain

I am the pain, who lives through the night

I am the night, that awakens with Joy

I am the Instinct, Wild and Free

I am the Lust that awakens in thee

I am the Beast, that must run free

I am the Rage, What is my name?

I am that which fights for life

I am the Arrow, that pierces the Heart

I am the Stone, that stands in the stream

I am the Tear, that silently gleams

I am the Laughter, you hear in your heart

I am the King, whom the Gods help




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