You slaughtered screaming demons

And the voices shouting no

Murdered all those screaming fears

Killing scars that never show



You destroyed a thousand nightmares

Turned to dust a thousand lies

Ravaged burning anger

Of one who’s been despised



Razed a hundred fences

Blown a thousand bastions down

Splintered all the war machines

Burned the ruins to the ground



Smote the lifelong rages

With no chance to voice a sound

Put to torch the tattered corpse

And harrowed frozen mound



Flown past a hundred lifetimes

With grim memories galore

Run them through with vengeance

Shattered bones upon the floor



In a single shining moment

One cast by gods of fate

Battered through the barriers

Tearing down the standing gates



Within a breath of touching

You’ve conquered clinging ties

Turned them all to nothing

With first look into your eyes















On a quiet summer breeze.



Torn drifting.

Upon playful currents

Warmed by pregnant sun.



Swept quietly aloft

Currents straining

To reach unknown heights

Of self imposed limitation



Painted glorious in light

Despite a map of life lived

Etched quietly upon a dying skin

That reflects slowly in turn

The light that dances through the dust.




Banfiadh copyright 06/13








Oh ye of little truthfullness

With even less of Faith

Follow on the words of wrong

Within the liar’s grace.

Still ye follow like a sheep

Into the slaughter house

Listen to a liar’s words

To keep your God without.

Hark! Listen to the slander

While claiming piety devout

But when the thunders over

The lie will turn you out.

Can you look in the mirror?

You can see the liars face

Over your shoulder, looking

To keep you in your place

Untruth is not the way of God

Or those who leave lies lay

Written in the heavens high

On your judgment day


Banfiadh copyright 11/13

Dark Flight

Dark Flight


I spread these wings across the world.

In cold and isolated splendor

The silent wind tears me softly, slowly.

Leaving me senseless.


I stand upon the edge of nothing.

Darkness at my feet.

Flight of lone silent soul, waiting.

While in the dark she calls.


Bereft of feeling, a loss of sensation.

Why doesn’t this simply fade . . .

Walls of isolation blown away like mist.

Before ever you knew I saw you.


Nothing left there to wrap self in.

Rage has paled before you.

Gone with the simplest gentle touch.

Just want to fade away.


Yet Love remains the constant

As I am standing in the rain.

Gently bathed again and over

Sheltered in the pain.




Banfiadh copyright 11/13

Dream Touch

Dream Touch

With touch as light as feather fall
Breath warms you from within
Dew drops glisten beckoning
On light and glowing skin
Amber cascade falls down your neck
My fingers deftly snared
Soft caress on graceful curves
Sensations soft and sweet
Pulsing rhyme of hearts blood flows
Rich intoxicating wine
Eyes of silvery emerald roam
Following sensual lines
A voice in honeyed whisper speaks
Of thought nearly divine
Cloaking shrouds of dampened air
Ethereally entwined
Rising fires run from deep within
Fueling passions sigh
Through the dreams I reach for you
Eternally alive.

Banfiadh copyright 2006

Breathless (blows the dust off)

It happens some times. You start writing, only to find the path your pencil follows trailing off into unfinished silence. Languidly waiting to be re-visited in some future time. This started several years ago, and the last lines were just written . . .


You’ve left me breathless in exquisite ways
Anticipation mounts and my spirit slowly explores
the growing presence of you.

Waking in delighted ecstasy, emerging thoughts
replace the fading languorous dreams of you as the
sun twice rises in azure glory

Each moment of time an eternity of pleasurable
memory coalescing into web strung droplets of
life reflecting the light of the dawn

Echoing the sound of the world, the rhythms’
of my spirit dance in time to the elegant pulse of
your existence.

Past shimmers in fading response as scars of
yesterday fade slowly to antiquity even as the moon
casts silvered shadows.

With the scintillating greeting of stars awakening
from silent slumber cloaked in the blanket of daylight
you warm me.

Torn at times, gasping from isolations cold grave,
you’ve cracked the walls with which I gain solace
from fair pain.

Yet truly as I wrestle free, clambering from blankets
to pace restlessly, striding across cold hard floor
with fading memory.

An echo of tomorrow are you? Of time beyond touch?
For though sense of you lingers it lives only in thoughts of
memories yet made.

Banfiadh copyright 2009

Five Dollar Raindrop

Five Dollar Raindrop.

I am a drop of rain
Aloft, floating free
Driven onwards
Towards unseen fate

Weightless and free
Falling inexorably
Woven in tapestry
Of shimmering beads

Shattered irreparable
Upon white cliffs
Shining speckled
Above cerulean seas

Raven White Wolf
Banfiadh copyright 11/13