Standing Stone

Standing Stone.

Standing stark and ageless
Born in creation’s fire.
Purpose long forgotten
I mark a soul’s desire.

Adrift upon the misty moor.
I mark an unseen line
Though I seem so rooted
I move outside of time.

Weathered beyond measure
Lines upon my face
Each mark an eon gone
Standing in this place.

Adorned I was with swirls
Runes in brilliant paint
Worn away to memory
Lines remain so faint.

A star I marked in silence
Upon the windswept plain
In memory I echo still
Of lost forgotten chain.

Hear me in the silence
Words I speak to you
Treasure of your being
I’ve held the asking true.

Mystery lies betwixt us
Secrets of your past
Knowledge to reveal
When the questions cast.

I stand upon this hill
Truth against the tide
Gateway in forever
Stark against the sky.

Banfiadh copyright 11/13

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