I have seen the face of god.
In the wreckage of the poor
Seen the hope laid bare
Knocking at deaths door.

I have seen her hopeful sorrow
In the turbulence of war
Dismay was shining bright
When the body hit the floor

I’ve seen his hidden pain
When faith faded away
Watched the knowing nod
When life began to play

I’ve heard her silent cries
Neglect within our soul
As we forget to honor
That which makes us whole

I’ve felt his rumbling rage
At the mercy of the world
As we grasp our hatred hard
And fall to angers herald

I’ve seen her teary eyes
Watching from the heart
As her children murder
While creation falls apart.

Yet I’ve heard his wild joy
At those who stood alone
To rise above the ash fall
And sit on Mercy’s throne.

I’ve seen her knowing smile
In the darkest night
As the world turns its face
Seeking for her light

I’ve heard his quiet voice
Calling in the rain
Felt her arms about me
In battles with soul’s pain

I walk existence now.
Wings flung open wide.
Hope against the storm
Against the darkest tide.

Banfiadh copyright 11/13

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