This is for the Witches
That in their kitchen’s toil
Joy upon their faces, grinning
While their cauldrons boil.

And this is for the Hedge Witch
Who in their garden’s play
Spelling all their greenery
In the shining light of day

This is for the Shaman
Rattle in their hands
The journey past the veil
Through the spirit land

And this is for the Runewitch
Lines carved into bone
Questing for the answer
Cast within a stone.

This is for the Druid
Who walks dappled night
Tending to the forest
In touch with nature’s light

And this is for the Priestess
Who dances on the land
Brings to us the Goddess
Within her moonlit hand

This is for the wild Priest
Who in the sunlight roams
Mysteries of the Horned One
Or in a spellbound tome.

And this is for the Sidhe folk
Who watch from silent mound.
Awaiting silent questing
As the wheel turns around

This is for the Goddess
Who in the world abounds
Ecstasy of life is hers
Peace with her is found

And this is for the God
Within the Hunters blood
That watches in the shadow
From in the silent wood

This is for the knower’s
And the doer’s of the world
Those who walk the boundary
So oft’ misunderstood.

And this is for the Magick
That we find within
When we stop to listen
For the voice beyond the din

This is for the Blessed
Those who hear creations call.
Working for weaving
That connects us all.

Banfiadh copyright 11/13

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