Breathless (blows the dust off)

It happens some times. You start writing, only to find the path your pencil follows trailing off into unfinished silence. Languidly waiting to be re-visited in some future time. This started several years ago, and the last lines were just written . . .


You’ve left me breathless in exquisite ways
Anticipation mounts and my spirit slowly explores
the growing presence of you.

Waking in delighted ecstasy, emerging thoughts
replace the fading languorous dreams of you as the
sun twice rises in azure glory

Each moment of time an eternity of pleasurable
memory coalescing into web strung droplets of
life reflecting the light of the dawn

Echoing the sound of the world, the rhythms’
of my spirit dance in time to the elegant pulse of
your existence.

Past shimmers in fading response as scars of
yesterday fade slowly to antiquity even as the moon
casts silvered shadows.

With the scintillating greeting of stars awakening
from silent slumber cloaked in the blanket of daylight
you warm me.

Torn at times, gasping from isolations cold grave,
you’ve cracked the walls with which I gain solace
from fair pain.

Yet truly as I wrestle free, clambering from blankets
to pace restlessly, striding across cold hard floor
with fading memory.

An echo of tomorrow are you? Of time beyond touch?
For though sense of you lingers it lives only in thoughts of
memories yet made.

Banfiadh copyright 2009

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