Time and again.

Strings broken

Heart hangs

Upon hope

Cast thinly

On memories

Spun soft

Of old pain.

Wind sings


Through me

Pierced again

Tattered filigree

In translucent

Salty stain

Brushed away

Sun rises

Lost upon eyes


Seeing nothing

Of tomorrow


In yesterdays



Banfiadh@wolfthought -11/2019

Three Words

Three Words


Hope is my armor in the darkness.

To ward against the hurt of time.

First breaking ray of dawn is my sword.

To fend the shadows from my mind.

The last lance of moonlight are the arrows

For my gleaming rain spun bow.

The light of the stars is my shield

To ward the silent blow

The unseen wind is my destrier, valiant

Steadfast in the charge, reliant

Antlered is my helm, shining and resilient

Rising in defiance against the unknown

With these I win the freedom

Swift and ephemeral

Peace wrought from chaos

An eye spark captured

For time enough to reach

Tentatively in Faith.

I am Firstborn.


R.W.W. banfiadh – wolfthought 2003







Raining drops from heart of stone

Diamonds breaking in the dust

Galaxies of questions sparkle

In cold light of the dark


Windows through countless lives

Refracting the fullness of nothing

Colors ooze slowly, suspended

Fragments of timeworn illusion


Worn etched upon a memory

Of things that never happened

Quiet waves of tranquility

Caress the shores of an empty lake.


R.W.W. banfiadh – wolfthough2003

Mindshard . . . an endless conversation in time . . .

Mindshard . . . a 

Yes . . .


I knew.


Always knew that I could and would die.


We were supposed to live this time.


Perfect Love and Trust.




I am all emotions.




You cannot break what has been broken so many times


there’s nothing left to be broken.


I am the dust of the void.




At least I have freed you.


That’s what I was here for.


I died with my eyes on yours.


Always . . . . and again



Restless . . . 

Even when you walk among the shadows of your mind

When your thoughts are chaos across the great divide

The world caves in around you as you pace around your soul

Let your spirit ride the wind, through the shifts of time

You saddle up your iron horse and head out for a ride

The walls are close about you and the worlds getting dim

You can hear the echoed whispers of restless roaming wind

Road lays there inviting as you wonder where am I

The road calls in the silence and its time to ride again


Shell never turn you down and shell never turn away

Shell always be there waiting until that final day

The road she is a lover and all times is she a friend

She calls to you to ride upon the lonely winds


When the days seem endless and the quiets far away

Smoke on the horizon and thunder drives the day

Lay down the throttle gently until its open wide

On down the open road and across the rolling plain

When you reach the foothills times washed away by rain

So you roll into the mountains and feel alive again

Wind rides upon your shoulder with nowhere else to go

Take the road less traveled in between the now and then


She’ll never turn you down and she’ll never turn away

She’ll always be there waiting when you hit the road again

Across the lines of memory and roads of yesterday

She’ll always be there waiting as the sunset ends he day


Ever new horizon that passes through your view

Keep the wheels turning each road is travelled new

See the next bend turning as you fly along the ground

Iron horse keeps rolling now lay the hammer down

Endless is the highway as we travel with the wind

Tomorrows just a memory in the road of yesterday

Worn upon the restless heart and shadows of your soul

Shared with those who travel, upon the lonely roads


Shell always be there waiting when you roll out for a ride

Just around the corner upon the endless tide

She’ll never turn you down and she’ll never turn away

Even when you take the ride that is your final day.


R.W.W. Banfadh – wolfthought 2010-06-06






Ever seen the hole that’s left when a hearts ripped out?

Sometimes theres nothing left to see but pretty shells without


Do you know the answer to the rage that is in me

Do you know the words to the lock without a key


Running hard for evermore dead and tired am I now.

I’d like to lay down forever, I really don’t know how


Do you know the depth of pain with which I’ve ever lived

Do you know there is nothing left but pain for me to give


And have you ever seen the fuel that feeds the burning lot

If you ever stepped up very close you’d find it rather hot


It is usually safe inside in, kept locked up pretty tight

Till some stupid pretty back-stabs with all their might


Never were the words that could handle a closer view

Then all I do is rage and burn and I might just burn you


Little fucking people with little aches and pains

Running round the rat race track for temporary gains


So if you want a freak show just sit and watch a while

Ill gladly rip your heart out and eat it with a smile


R.W.W. Banfiadh – Wofthought2006