Standing Stone

Standing Stone.

Standing stark and ageless
Born in creation’s fire.
Purpose long forgotten
I mark a soul’s desire.

Adrift upon the misty moor.
I mark an unseen line
Though I seem so rooted
I move outside of time.

Weathered beyond measure
Lines upon my face
Each mark an eon gone
Standing in this place.

Adorned I was with swirls
Runes in brilliant paint
Worn away to memory
Lines remain so faint.

A star I marked in silence
Upon the windswept plain
In memory I echo still
Of lost forgotten chain.

Hear me in the silence
Words I speak to you
Treasure of your being
I’ve held the asking true.

Mystery lies betwixt us
Secrets of your past
Knowledge to reveal
When the questions cast.

I stand upon this hill
Truth against the tide
Gateway in forever
Stark against the sky.

Banfiadh copyright 11/13

Forever unsaid

Sounds of distant thunder

echo through the hills

She’s nothing but a memory

passing under rolling wheels.


Trouble fades behind me

as I wander through the land

She is buried in the past now

beyond times shifting sands


Alive my soul is flying

life travelled like a leaf

Memories are the treasures

in the past of disbelief


Trails through the travels

as time is but a thief

Life is for the living

marked by stones of buried grief


Let the engine roll on

as I fly within the sound

Wind sweeps all the cares away

and freedoms to be found


High upon the wings of hope

With tomorrow still unfound

Shes buried in the memories

In forgotten sacred ground.


Passing through the sunlight

As the shadows ride away

The future is tomorrow

Fading into yesterday


The lines upon the highway

Fade beyond the sorrows shade

Her memory a tear track

Where memories are made.


The sounds of echoed thunder

Rolling far across the land

Tomorrow is behind me

In the shadow of the sand


Silence is the graveyard

In which ones heart is laid

And the journey travels onward

With forever still unsaid.