Visions of her wake me daily with a smile

Though some roads remain yet to cross

The vast expanse of hope spreads before

Radiant in the presence of rebirth


Thoughts of this one lift the burdens of life

From battle scarred and weary shoulders

Dawn by dusk the journey draws ever shorter

Life the scent that leads wayfarer on


Though life has certain fragility’s through time

Trust builds the path I believe I follow

Slow solid and with rising confident pace

Long traveled steps devour the homebound way


Though I fear little the journeys end

Though the lord of shadow’s were to wait

For this I would forfeit lives of the future

For the simple touches of a new existence


Far better to try then to run from fears of past

For only in the steps of self belief can one live

The past settles slowly in the western sea

Greeted and tempered by the first gleam of dawn



Forever unsaid

Sounds of distant thunder

echo through the hills

She’s nothing but a memory

passing under rolling wheels.


Trouble fades behind me

as I wander through the land

She is buried in the past now

beyond times shifting sands


Alive my soul is flying

life travelled like a leaf

Memories are the treasures

in the past of disbelief


Trails through the travels

as time is but a thief

Life is for the living

marked by stones of buried grief


Let the engine roll on

as I fly within the sound

Wind sweeps all the cares away

and freedoms to be found


High upon the wings of hope

With tomorrow still unfound

Shes buried in the memories

In forgotten sacred ground.


Passing through the sunlight

As the shadows ride away

The future is tomorrow

Fading into yesterday


The lines upon the highway

Fade beyond the sorrows shade

Her memory a tear track

Where memories are made.


The sounds of echoed thunder

Rolling far across the land

Tomorrow is behind me

In the shadow of the sand


Silence is the graveyard

In which ones heart is laid

And the journey travels onward

With forever still unsaid.






House of Beauty and Death

House of Beauty and Death.

So much beauty here.

This death trap – towering walls.

Waiting . . waiting for the end.

Arid, dry . . falsely green and living.

Life is desperate, at any time.


And change is but the blink of an eye.

From a long slow death to sudden dying.

A flash of light . . then nothing.

While the world will not end

The world we believe exists will.



We delude our selves.

Of our birthright supremacy

Opposable thumb and luck

Yet our spirit dwindles

Fades into self wrought



Time and again through history.

Humans rise and humans fall.

Death or survival.

A chance at life, or a lingering death.

And I watch, screaming silent,

as the world of hope dies.


A future unwritten in silence

As a future archeologist ponders

Who were they

Ancestors or failed experiment

Do you ever sit and dream

Staring at the stars

In broad daylight?


Banfiadh copywrite 2012

What is my name?

What is my Name

I am the Lion, who rules the plains.

I am the Trees who drink of the rain

I am the Hunter, who loves the chase

I am the Living, What is my name?

I am The Bear, who hides in the glen

I am the Hawk who rides the winds

I am the Grass, strong in my bending

I am the Lover, capricious at whim

I am the Scorned, what is my name?

I am The Fox, safe in its den

I am the Wolf, who laughs at the rain

I am the Leaf, floating free on the wind

I am the Warrior, who revels in blood

I am the Blade, what is my name?

I am The Raven, who lives off the dead

I am the Ox, strong and stubborn

I am the Flower, that follows the sun

I am the Father that raises my kin

I am the Present, what is my name?

I am The Lizard, loafing in the sun

I am that which is, and is not

I am the shadow, dancing in the light

I am the light which pierces the dark

I am the essence, what is my Name?

I am the Life, That was thrown away

I am all that which has accepted

I am the accepted, who is loved

I am the love, that stings without pain

I am the pain, who lives through the night

I am the night, that awakens with Joy

I am the Instinct, Wild and Free

I am the Lust that awakens in thee

I am the Beast, that must run free

I am the Rage, What is my name?

I am that which fights for life

I am the Arrow, that pierces the Heart

I am the Stone, that stands in the stream

I am the Tear, that silently gleams

I am the Laughter, you hear in your heart

I am the King, whom the Gods help




Death came calling

Death Came Calling


A shadow touched me quietly

In the twilight of the day

Turning slow with wary eye

I stopped along the way

A lady cloaked in twilight’s fog

Wreathed in feathered gray

Gracefully she touched my spirit

Exposing wounds to my dismay

Through the window of my eyes

She looked through and deep within

“We’ve walked a million miles, love

As you’ve lived a hundred lives.

Danced across the eons

And parted now and then”


She pulled me close aside her

As remembered I did then

You were there when I awakened

In past ages beyond ken’

Beyond the turning cycles

We’ve watched the burning stars

I’ve watched a million sunsets

With dark lady of my heart


She’s there when one awakens

After living hopes and tears

Guides the passage of spirit’s freed

At cessation of all fears

She guides the gates of passages

Into the summer lands

Reflected in wild valkryie’s fair

Welcoming Valhalla’s bands

She holds the sacred cauldron

Through which all life renews

Gently the soul’s passing

When she receives her due

Cry Cerydwynn, the Morrigan

Hecate and Kali true

Worn a thousand names and faces

She’s the Queen of heaven too


I looked in her, my lover’s eyes

Self worn tired and to the bone

Yet knew that though I long for peace

It wasn’t time for me to go

Instead in conversation

Within each other’s arms we lay

She eased my burning loneliness

Teased with her charms in play

She’s my lady, my dear Goddess

Creation born of blood

Everything returns to her

In deaths ever running flood

But though she came to visit

And though she couldn’t stay

I’m glad she came a calling

On my lonely heart that day.



Banfiadh copyright 2005




Cerydwynn’s Call.

Cerrydwynn’s call

As I step without this cloaking shell and

dance into the dark

Dark Maiden wraps me in her warm embrace

I’m cloaked in mystery

Where am I, where do I go? I know not where this

journey takes me

I’ve been to Briton in the past and danced on

the isle of Eire

I’ve ridden plains alive and unchanged by time,

in bloody warrior’s frenzy

I’ve hailed Robyn and the Maiden, weeping, even

as I persecuted them

I’ve been trampled, raped and skinned alive, left

bleeding in the dust

Stormed cities in a red blood lust, gathering tribute

for my Ceasers

I’ve swung the labrys against Saxon foes along

the side of Arthur

Elsewhere I’ve wielded claid-he-mor against

incomers from distant shores

I’ve seen Paul’s church come and grow, turning mysteries

To lies ‘gainst those who wore the woad

I’ve seen empires arise to fall, lives and cultures

blown away on fates wind

In forested glades have I danced skyclad, sweat flowing

‘neath silvered waxing moon

Into the Cauldron to return again, new life cycles

Of the Lady Cerridwen

Tens of centuries have I travelled, followed red

Threads until unravelled

Atlantis sank beneath the waves, overburdened by

Flowery conceit

Fled through the times of inquisition, bent and broke

Burnt to submission

Is this a dream, this journey I take? Or is

It just A re-awakening…

banfiadh copyright 1997